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WEF: Annual Report 2018-2019 - eng (pdf) Избранное

The World Economic Forum’s 49th year of operation was critical in its evolution as a new kind of international organization, one that is multistakeholder, multidisciplinary and top-level. It serves the needs of the international community by providing a platform for advancing systemic improvements in cooperation and governance through the engagement of multiple stakeholders, industries, technologies, regions and intellectual disciplines. The Forum’s vision and role are uniquely suited to these fast-moving and complex times, requiring agility, engagement, and support from leading stakeholders from all walks of life, the creative application of interdisciplinary skill and a high-performance team.

The Forum is working to expand the geometry of international cooperation at a time when our interdependent and multipolar world is facing important challenges that no single set of actors can resolve alone, and for which the business community has critical capabilities that need to be activated.

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