World Bank: The Art of Knowledge Exchange: A Results-Focused Planning Guide for Climate Change Practitioners - March 2019 - eng (pdf)

Среда, 27 марта 2019 19:13

Knowledge exchange - or peer-to-peer learning is a powerful way to share, replicate, and scale up what works in development. The direct results from knowledge exchange can also influence results at the institutional and even systemic levels. Participants of successful knowledge exchanges are empowered and motivated to make things happen. They seek to change the environment in which they operate, affect policies and norms that influence the way people behave, and strengthen the institutions where they work. Working toward achieving the goal of sustainable energy for all (SEforAll) that calls for universal energy access by 2030, the climate investment funds (CIF) and the energy sector management assistance program (ESMAP) of the World Bank Group are actively supporting mini-grids (a cost-effective, small-scale, and reliable electricity solution) implementation in low-income countries. To address the challenge, the CIF and ESMAP joined forces to offer action learning events to support operational upscaling of mini-grids and enable scaling up renewable energy program (SREP) countries to share successes and lessons learned.

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