EIA: Country Analysis Brief: Algeria - March 2019 - eng (pdf) Избранное

Понедельник, 25 марта 2019 17:48

Algeria is a major crude oil and natural gas producer in Africa and has been an OPEC member since 1969. Algeria exports a large amount of its crude oil and natural gas production to Europe. Many of the crude oil fields in Algeria are mature, and the country is likely to see declines in production if additional upstream investment does not occur.

Algeria relies heavily on revenue generated from the hydrocarbon sector, comprising approximately one-third of total government revenue in 2016, according to the latest estimates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Algerian government’s dependence on crude oil for economic growth increases its vulnerability to crude oil price volatility.

The government’s 2016–2019 economic plan reduces its exposure to crude oil price volatility by diversifying its exports (hydrocarbons accounted for more than 90% of total exports in 2016) and by reducing its domestic energy consumption growth (of which hydrocarbons is the primary fuel source) to 3% in 2030.

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