EIA: Natural Gas Monthly - April 2017 - eng (pdf)

Пятница, 28 апреля 2017 19:07

Данные устарели. Акутальный отчет за последний месяц находится здесь по ссылке.

The April Natural Gas Monthly, with data through February 2017, has been released.

  • In February 2017, for the twelfth consecutive month, dry natural gas production decreased year-to-year from the same month a year ago. The preliminary level for dry natural gas production in February 2017 was 2,019 billion cubic feet (Bcf), or 72.1 Bcf/day. This level was a 5.2 Bcf/day (6.7%) decrease from the February 2016 level of 77.3 Bcf/day.

  • The estimated natural gas consumption level in February 2017 was 2,318 Bcf, or 82.8 Bcf/day. This level was a decrease of 12.7%, or 12.1 Bcf/day, from the 2,656 Bcf consumed in February 2016. Dry gas consumption was the lowest for February since 2006. The month ranked as the second-warmest February in the United States in the 123-year period of record, according to  the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), contributing to this low consumption level.

  • Year-over-year total consumption of dry natural gas in February 2017 decreased in all four consuming sectors. Deliveries of natural gas by consuming sector in February 2017 were as follows:

    •  Residential deliveries in February 2017 were 584 Bcf, or 20.9 Bcf/day, down 16.3% from 24.9 Bcf/day in February 2016. Residential deliveries were the lowest for February since EIA began tracking them in 1973.
    • Commercial deliveries were 364 Bcf, or 13.0 Bcf/day, down 12.5% from 14.9 Bcf/day in February 2016. Commercial deliveries were the lowest for February since 1991.

    • Industrial deliveries were 640 Bcf, or 22.9 Bcf/day, down 3.2% from 23.6 Bcf/day in February 2016. Industrial deliveries were the lowest for February since 2013.

    • Electric power deliveries were 550 Bcf, or 19.6 Bcf/day, down 19.8% from 24.5 Bcf/day in February 2016. Electric power deliveries were the lowest for February since 2011.

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