IEA: Energy Prices and Taxes for OECD Countries - 2nd Quarter 2020: An Overview - June 2020 - eng (pdf)

Понедельник, 29 июня 2020 01:55

This is a short overview of the quarterly Energy Prices and Taxes for OECD Countries data service. This data service includes annual and quarterly end user industry and consumer prices as well as annual, quarterly and monthly crude oil spot prices, oil product spot prices and import costs by crude stream. The end user prices cover the main oil products, gas, coal and electricity. Also included are full notes on sources and methods and a description of price mechanisms in each country. Time series availability varies with each data series – Excel files show end user price data availability by country and  by product. Data are updated early in the months of December, March, June and September.

СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ МАТЕРИАЛ РАЗДЕЛА "Аналитика, прогнозы, статистика"

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