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Понедельник, 03 июня 2019 13:46

Обзор устарел. Актуальная версия за последний месяц находится по ссылке здесь.

Thanks to Argus Media, we updated our “LNG tightness” metric that measures the spread between the US Gulf Coast LNG FOB and the Henry Hub price. It is interesting to keep track of this ‘LNG tightness’ in a fast-changing energy world. A period of oversupply leads normally to behavioural changes to adapt to a new business model and the LNG market should not be an exception. ​

With the aim of checking if Continental Europe can become the global world energy storage operator (via LNG reloads), we have designed with Argus Media a ‘Global added value for European storage’ indicator on an historical basis and using future curves. On the historical side we also added the effective monthly LNG reloads. In short, European storage has an added worldwide value if our ‘Global added value for European storage’ is positive.

By: Thierry Bros

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