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Вторник, 21 ноября 2017 20:24

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The November 2017 Monthly Energy Review (MER), EIA's primary report of recent and historical energy statistics, was released on November 21, 2017.  This month’s MER features two new tables: Table 1.11a, “Non-Combustion Use of Fossil Fuels in Physical Units,” and Table 1.11b, “Heat Content of Non-Combustion Use of Fossil Fuels.”

Although most fossil fuels consumed in the United States are combusted to produce heat and power, some are used directly for such applications as chemical feedstocks, construction materials, lubricants, solvents, waxes, and other products.  The MER’s data for primary energy consumption include those non-combustion uses of fossil fuels.  The new tables provide a breakout to show users the share of fossil fuels that are used for those purposes.

Preliminary estimates indicate that for August 2017:

  • Non-combustion use of fossil fuels represented 5.6% of total U.S. energy consumption.
  • Petroleum accounted for 86% of non-combustion use of fossil fuels in the United States, natural gas accounted for 13%, and coal accounted for less than 1%.
  • Hydrocarbon gas liquids accounted for 43% of U.S. non-combustion use of petroleum in the United States, asphalt and road oil accounted for 28%, and petrochemical feedstocks accounted for 17%.  Lubricants, special naphthas, petroleum coke, and other petroleum products accounted for the remainder.

The MER provides monthly and annual data on total energy production, consumption, stocks, trade, prices, and emissions; overviews of U.S. petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, renewable energy, and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as international petroleum; and data unit conversions.

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