IEA: Monthly Oil Prices Statistics - September 2019 (data for August 2019) - eng (pdf, xls)

Четверг, 12 сентября 2019 19:00

In May 2019, crude oil import costs increased by 2% recording the fifth consecutive month of growth. At 69 US dollars per barrel, prices were 30% higher than in December 2018. In July 2019, crude oil spot prices increased by 2%, offsetting part of the strong decrease recorded in June (-10%).

In July 2019, for gasoline two different trends were recorded among IEA countries: prices evaluated in national currencies rose in north America (+4% in Canada and +1% in the United States) and fell in Europe and Japan (-3% in Germany and -2% in France and Japan).

In July 2019, prices for automotive diesel followed a different pattern compared to gasoline, falling in each individual country, with the highest decreases in Canada and in the United Kingdom (-2%).

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