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Пятница, 14 июня 2019 19:09

IEA: Monthly Oil Prices Statistics - June 2019 (data for May 2019) - eng (pdf, xls)

Обновлено. Актуальный выпуск за последний месяц находится по ссылке здесь.

In March 2019, crude oil import costs for IEA countries increased on average by 7%, recording the third consecutive month of growth.In April 2019, average crude oil spot prices increased robustly by 8%, reaching a 7-month peak of 69 USD/bbl. Spot prices then fell by 2% in May due mainly to the step decrease recorded during last days of the month.

In May 2019, gasoline prices rose in all countries, with the highest increases in Germany (+5%) and the United Kingdom (+3%). Automotive diesel prices followed a similar pattern in all countries. Despite the increases of prices in the individual countries, the IEA average price for May slightly fell due to the increase in consumption of automotive diesel in the United States where price is lower.

In May 2019, average domestic heating oil price increased, as with transport fuel prices. Prices increased the most in the United Kingdom (+3%) and Spain (+2%),

The IEA's Monthly Oil Prices Statistics features oil and oil product prices and price changes for select OECD Member countries. The latest dataset is available below in PDF or Excel.

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