Журнал "Blue Fuel" - №3/10 - September 2017 - eng (pdf) (Газпром экспорт)

Excerpts from Alexander Medvedev’s Speech in Berlin 6

Natural Gas from Russia: Half a Century of Supplies to Europe 9

Assessing the Current Tendencies on the European Gas Market. A View from Platts 10

From Smoky Past to the Green Future. Alexander Ishkov 14

Volkswagen Commits to Development of NGV Sector 17

Haidach UGS celebrates 10 years of successful work 19

Roundtable on China’s gas sector in Xian 20

Exhibition “Peter the Great, the Tsar in France –1717” 22

“Peter the Great in Liège: a Story of the Visit” 25

The Tenth International Peter the Great Congress Took Place in St. Petersburg 26


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